Saturday, June 21, 2014

Paradise is here

jungle pattern fabric collection

Are you looking to bring a little bit of green life to your home? I guess we all are these days. Heather Moore from Skinny la Minx has just launched new collection of handmade fabrics called Paradise is here which reflects recent jungle trend and appreciation of botanicals in interior design. Inspired by plants in the city which are 'essential to softening the concrete edges, sending us sensory messages about the seasons, joyousness, and wildness that urban humans crave' collection is very refreshing and brings us closer to the nature. There are four new patterns representing different jungle elements like palm tree which create a little paradise right here with us! Are you feeling it? Have a look at the pictures coming straight from the 'Paradise' lookbook.

Paradise - urban jungle

Skinny la Minx


botanical patterns

plants at home

jungle patterns skinny la minx

jungle patterns

Heather store is located in Cape town, so if you are around make sure to visit it, or pop into her Etsy shop here. Also if you would like to read the complete story of what inspired her to create new collection click here
So how do you feel about this urban jungle trend? Do you like the patterns of shadow play in of palm trees? I love the concept behind it and the wild yet soothing feeling it evokes. Have a great Saturday!

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  1. ja to zielony człowiek jestem przecież :))))) we wnętrzu lubię taki wzór niekoniecznie na tapicerce kanapy lub fotela ..raczej
    wolałabym mieć go np na poduszce lub na obrazie :))) ale zielone kwiaty jak najbardziej chcę ,tylko miejsca mi na nie brak !!!!buziole

  2. Zgadzam się Aguś, chociaż ostatnio takie właśnie wzorzaste tapicerki dość mocno przykuwają moją uwagę, ale nie jest to praktyczne rozwiązanie, oj nie :)) pozostaje przy szarej kanapie i kolorowych poduszkach :) Buziaki!


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