Monday, July 7, 2014

Whimsical summer inspiration

Set design, dream-like photography

Ok, so I'm officialy blown away! I'm sure that you would agree that this is a truly magical inspiration which puts a mind into a completely different reality, a very dream-like reality, if I can call it this way. It's a wonderful world created by Rhea Thierstein through her set design. The world that very much brings to mind some forgotten scenes from children's books. Yep. the kind you would imagine over and over again just before falling asleep. A beautiful surrealism. Except here, those scenes are real.
Based in London, Rhea and is a very well known voice in set design who often teams up with a photographer Tim Walker to create whimsical sets for clients like Vogue, Mulberry or Selfridges. The effect is breathtaking! I particularly like the set and color palette used in the set for British Vogue.

Vogue set design

surreal photography

photography, set design, styling

set designer


Isn't it a great inspiration for a magical summer time?

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  1. Sweet and stylish, love the colors :)

    1. Me too! Also the surreal vibe is quite nice :) have a great day x

  2. Love to see this slightly different approach on you blog, Aga. It suits you very well! Keep those inspirations coming! xx

  3. Thank you Gudy :) I find myself loving so many different things these days that I guess there will be coming :) hugs x

  4. Magiczne, ale wywołujące uśmiech.:)

  5. Wow, the color clouds- I'd be curious to know how they were created! Such a unique and striking vision. I love that second image of the bubble in front of her body. Would be fun to re-create ;)

    1. I think it might be colorful smoke going from some kind of smoke machine placed behind the walls...but not sure! :) I would love tor ecreate the bubble look, would be so much fun :) have a great day Amy x


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