Sunday, May 12, 2013

Season of lilacs | 5 beautiful ways to decorate with lilacs

Blooming lilacs are the sweetest smelling flowers and the sign that summer is near. 
Here are five of my favorite ways to decorate with lilacs.

1. Lilacs in a vase - will add charm and quiet the house with alluring sweet scent.

Source: Nelly Vintage Home

Source: Chateau & Bungalow

2. Lilacs as a table decor - will make your meal even more delicious!

Source: Vintage rose brocante
Source: Dreamy whites

 3. Lilac as a candle holder decoration -will brighten up your room while the candle is lit.

Source: Nelly Vintage Home

4. Lilac as a vintage decoration - will bring back childhood memories.

Source: Dreamy whites

Source: Aiken House & Gardens
5. Lilac placed around the house - will add country style to your interior decor.

Source: Nelly Vintage Home

Source: Nelly Vintage Home

Which one is your favorite?


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