Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dutch interior design in Warsaw, Poland.

dutch interior design

This house, located in Warsaw, Poland is a modern house blending gorgeous architectural elements with colorful, Dutch-style, interior design ideas. This beautiful home feels warm and cozy, emphasizing, what the owners like the most - blue-gray colors and wood.

Dutch interior design

The place is enhanced with a range of natural textures and original accessories that add a lot of character to the house. I absolutely adore the outdoor sofa and the red color accents with a big red, industrial lamp in the center. You can find it here.

red color accents
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The house was renovated by Polish Lady Joanna and her Dutch husband Rob.

Dutch outdoor design

The glass walls invite natural light, creating bright and airy space to live.

Glass walls, gray rooms

Have a look at the white tree trunk side tables!
 Aren't they cute? You can try doing them-yourself or buy from here

Tree trunk side tables

gray sofa

Dining area is decorated with a plate-pattern wallpaper, creating a bit of shabby atmosphere in the kitchen.

wallpaper with plates print

In the middle is a table made from 200 years old oak boards, placed on the granite legs. It is designed by an Artist Sylwia Najsztub, making kitchen look pleasant and stylish.

Dutch style designs

Around the table, there is a mix of chairs including my favorite - ghost chairs!

oak table and ghost chairs

Red color accents are present in other parts of the house as well.

dutch interior design

dutch interior design

industrial lamp

So what do you think about it? Do you like this house?

Photography: Aneta TryczyƄska
source: Weranda


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