Friday, July 4, 2014

Pretty apartment in Sweden

Alvhem Makleri home staging

Every now and then I really enjoy browsing through Scandinavian real estate agencies to see how the spaces are styled for sale. I think one of my favorite is Swedish Avhem Makleri, where I frequently find myself looking not for a property to buy (at least not yet!) but for an interior inspiration. I'm sure you have also noticed many gorgeous apartments featured and pinned from Alvhem. That's because their photographer Fredrik Karlsson and stylists do an excellent job, enhancing the spaces to look like from interior magazine covers! Seriously sometimes it gets this good.

Today I really like the 58-square meters apartment located in the city centre of Gothenburg. Lovely spacious living room, with light gray walls, painted white floors and pops of pink creates a very girly and welcoming space, whereas brick walls add character and warmth. I really like the mix of budget-friendly Ikea furniture with some flea market finds here, don't you? 
At this point I already know I would like to live in this apartment just by looking at the photos. Brilliant sales technique but so far I noticed it is so well developed only in Scandinavia.

Scandinavian style with pops of pink

Alvhem Makleri

light gray walls white floors

white doors

Alvhem makleri

Scandinavian style apartment

Alvhem Makleri

Scandinavian style

You can always count on Alvhem to find some eye-candy images. If you want to see more apartments visit their page. It's a great source of inspiration, isn't it?

Source: Alvhem Makleri 

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  1. Ja jak zwykle zracam uwagę na detale, piekne wykończenia na suficie, piekne grafiki, cudna ceglana ściana. To wszystko sprawia, że miejsce staje się indywidualne i w pewien sposób niezwykłe.

    1. Uwielbiam Twój sposób postrzegania wnętrz Marysiu :) Bużka

  2. that sumo door stopper is awesome!!

  3. Ohhh this is very much my style, especially all the little decorations. Cool!


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