Friday, March 1, 2013

Love it? Frame it!

We just love all those beautiful picture designs decorating our houses. 
Personal photos, artwork or collected pictures change the place we live in to the place called home.

Using our personality and imagination we can surround ourselves with a happy moments and make our walls more meaningful!

Here are some inspirations for the beautiful wall interior designs:

Which photo display would you choose? :)


Jay Jeffers amazing wood shingle wall and crow design

Mirror as a centre

Cute pink and baby blue composition

genealogical photo frames tree

Modern touch

Simple and classy Red-black-white design from IKEA

Meditteranean style

DIY picture frames photos

absolutely beautiful

power of colourful frames


Dine with style

artistic style

Nathan Kirkman staircase design

So let's go and place our favourite pictures on a real wall for a change ! ;)

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