Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY Valentine's day card

handmade cute interactive card with heart

Hands up who loves cards? 
Me too! I know that those of you affected by a paper addiction, will agree that card making for Valentine's day is a MUST. Buying from the store? Nah. I have always loved playing with paper and getting crafty making my personalized card designs, way to much to just BUY one. You don't need to be a super talented artist to d-i-y a card, as the secret recipe involves only a little bit of creativity and love. No rocket science, I promise. This year my "You have my " design involves also a little interaction so you can watch your 'second half' open the magic box! Feeling a little bit romantic now? :)

diy Valentine's day card

                                                                  You have my " card step by step tutorial
You will need:
1.  Blank, white paper stock card or any other thick paper folded in two
2.  Match box
3.  Double sided tape
4.  Pastel and neon masking tapes – different patterns
5.  Words print-outs – different fonts (YOU/HAVE/MY)
6.  Pieces of white paper + colorful paper + flower cut-outs
7.  Pink, decorative string
8.  Toothpick 
9.  Black pen/ paint / crayon
10. Scissors

handmade cute interactive card

                          Pocket/Box : 

                   Step 1 Place and wrap a double-sided tape around the matchbox  
                   Step 2 Cut out pieces of white paper and place around the matchbox    
                  Step 3 Decorate the box with colorful masking tapes and flower cut-outs

                   Step 1 Place a double-sided tape on the matchbox and stick it to the card
                  Step 2 Make two holes on both sides of the box and put the string through them. 

                   Step 3 Then wrap the string around the box and make a knot on the other side of the card
               Step 4 Decorate the edges of the card with masking tapes
               Step 5 Using double sided-tape seal the word cut-outs with the pieces of colorful paper and then with the card. 

                   Step 6 Decorate edges of the words with yellow neon paper.

pastel and neon interactive card
                   Step 1 Color a toothpick using black pen/paint/crayon
                   Step 2 Color white paper black using black pen / paint / crayon
                   Step 3 Cut out two triangles of the same size for an arrowhead
                   Step 4 Place double-sided tape on both triangles
                   Step 5 Place one triangle on a flat surface, then place a toothpick on top of it.
                   Step 6 Gently place the second triangle on top of the toothpick sealing them together
                   Step 7 Repeat the same steps for the arrow ends but now using different shape

                   Step 8 Once they are sealed together, cut a v-shape in the bottom edge, and trim it.
                   Step 9 Attach the arrow to the card using masking tape.

                Cut out 3 different colored hearts for the multicolor effect.

DIY Valentine's day card ideas

I'm also happy that my little project hit the first place of 40 unconventional Valentine's day cards on Buzz feed. The love is buzzing all around the world!

Valentine's day ideas

 Are you going to make your cards as well? 
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  1. Sooooo cute and cool! :) I love this idea!!!

  2. How fun to make a little box to keep small treasures! The card is darling.

    1. Hi Sabrina, that's a great idea - to keep some other little treasures inside :) Thanks for visiting x

  3. Ja też, kocham robić kartki. Dziękuję bardzo dla lekcjii!

  4. Truly adorable and that box is a genius idea :)
    Well done for being featured on buzz feed!
    Have a great evening x

  5. oh my gosh i absolutely love this!
    so cute, and the pictures are lovely.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

    1. Hello Molly, thank you for stopping by and your nice comment :) Have a great day x

  6. Gratulacje:) kartka prześliczna. Ja jestem wprawdzie mało romantyczna , ale taką kartką byłabym zachwycona:)

    1. Dzięki Ola :) Z moim romantyzmem też różnie bywa... ale lubię robić kartki ;D

  7. SO Cute!!! How have you been?? We talked a little in Blogging your way Decor8 class remember!!? Love this!! Erica from seattle.

    1. Hi Erica, of course I remember! So happy to hear from you :) How are you doing?
      Thanks for your sweet words :))

  8. Thank you for linking up @ Craft, Create & Inspire linky party last week !! Your awesome project is featured this week :)

    I hope you will stop by this week and share your projects with us this week !!


    Have a great weekend Claire xo

  9. Aww that was sooo cute, I love those pop up layers and colors, the arrows, they're such a sweetie! that can make a perfect card containing the sweetest Valentines day wishes ever. Thanks for sharing inspiration!

    Cheers xxxx

  10. These are so fun! I love the little pop ups and different textures.
    I'm visiting from DIY Dreamer and I'd LOVE for you to share at Brag About It Link Party over on VMG206!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  11. This is the cutest Valentine's Day card I've ever seen!! I love the little matchbox. Thank you for sharing it with us at Sewlicious Home Decor! Pinned!



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