Saturday, February 1, 2014

Irregular dots tablecloth

dotted pattern, irregular black dots

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. I'm crazy busy having more ideas than time so I'll try to keep it short, sharing an inspiring detail I came across recently. This pretty dotted pattern has captured my heart and you can definitely count it on my wishlist. It's not just another polka dot tablecloth. The asymmetrical pattern is much more pleasant to look at than endless rows of perfectly lined up little dots. It actually makes me want to grab one of my white tablecloths, passionately supplied by my Grandma, and paint or stamp some crazy dot patterns! I think I could get quite creative with being irregular here. Another option is to buy an oilcloth, which probably would be a longer lasting and more practical solution for the kitchen table. In any case I love it!
black polka dot oilcloth

irregular pattern, scandinavian kitchen

Isn't this tablecloth AWESOME?
In case you are wondering where to get if from, I found it here
What do you think about oilcloths anyway? Trendy or not?

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  1. I agree - awesome! I would love to have one in my kitchen.
    Thanks for this inspiration :)

  2. Fajny! Świetny pomysł, aby zrobić własny obrus!

  3. Urocze te kropy:) przepraszam, ze nie odpisałam na maila - odezwę się dzisiaj:))

  4. Love this Table cloth! and also the chalkboard. I've pinned this for my dinning room inspiration

    Thanks for linking up to this February's Share The Love Blog Hop.
    Now following you via GFC

    Natasha @ Serenity You


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