Monday, April 15, 2013

Creating deliciously pretty dessert table!

Nothing makes a party more wonderful than a perfect set of decorations creating unique atmosphere!

design by Sweet Style

Dessert tables are definately one of the best ways to add decor and fun to your event. 

November Lily

Over the past few years they have become the most stylish trends for any celebrations and I and it's not hard to understand why. Just look at them!

They are just so well-thought, personalized, stylish and delicious! 

design by Sweet Style

The next time you throw a  birthday party, girls night out, holidays special try setting up pretty dessert table to impress your guests! 

Creating the perfect dessert table is easier than you might think!

First step: Inspiration
The most important and fun part of creating your dessert table is to plan the theme and colours. Dream it and find the perfect style for your occassion. Then you can choose your decorations and accessiories that will fit into it i.e flowers, baloons, frames, candles and many more.

Second step: Plan it!
You will need main inspiration which will be the focal point so think of one or maximum two center-pieces (one big cake or two cupcakes trays) surrounded by other additional treats and decorations.
Use different hights, as they will make your dessert table eye catching and interesting.
Use varied size cake stand and trays. You can also try adding other decorations like boxes, glass objects to create levels. 

Third step: Supplies
First of all you will need presentation dishes so all the candy jars, vases, cake stands and trays to hold your desserts. 
Second of all the backdrop, the table covering and the labels. The backdrop is optional however it adds your dessert table some depth and adds frame, so worth considering!
Third of all all the other decorations according to your theme, that you would like to appear on the table.
And th final and most important one - the sweet items themselves :)

Dessert table design by Leonie Gordon

Fourth step: Make it!
Arrange it, style it, make it. Design possibilities are endless and with all the decorations available you have a chance to create something unique for your party.

 And some more deliciously beautiful dessert tables to inspire!!!

Images : via Pinterest

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