Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eye for pretty, decorative details

 My favorite thing about blogging is learning about talented photographers, interior stylists, getting to know amazing people each day and get inspired with what I find and read about. 

Today, I'm absolutely in love with an incredible couple, whose work I greatly admire. 
To me it's not just photography. It's pure beauty.

 If you haven't heard about them yet, let me introduce Julia Hoersch - photographer  and Katja Grauman - stylist, both from Germany. What I love the most about their work is an eye for pretty and original details. Just look at those pictures! 
 Aren't they gorgeous?

 Have you noticed those cute, little hearts?

So soft and dreamy. Just beautiful.

 Would you like to have some of those pretty details at home?
I definately would :)



  1. It beyond beauty... wow!! what can i say.. yes ofcourse.. would love to have such detailed styling at home.. !! *sigh*

    1. I know...me too :) Thanks for your comment Patricia x


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