Monday, June 10, 2013

Dreamy white home + pastel & neon

pastel and neon details

 Today I fell in love with an incredibly dreamy, white home of Susanne Otter. The white home is beautifully styled with pastel details and pops of neon creating very stylish space to live.

We all know, it's not an easy job to the keep a white home WHITE, especially with two kids, two dogs and a BLACK cat. I also do own a white sofa and I know the feeling when I see my happy dog running towards me after a rainy, muddy walk!
 Do you have that picture in your mind?
Yep, that feeling. 

But if you truly love white interiors and dogs, cats or other cute trouble makers, keeping it white is still possible :)
 Susanne has some great tips how to do that.

 I adore the simplicity and colorful details that stand out from the white, classy background.

...pastel details...

...and pops of neon... of course :)

That craft room is simply to die for! 

Check out Susanne's beautiful blog Frivole by Suus
Photography and styling by Susanne Otter.

Have a great day everyone :)



  1. Just feel like sitting in that room with lots and lots of colored yarn


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