Thursday, June 20, 2013

Project renovation - bathroom mood board

Bathroom mood board
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  Project renovation - That's right, I'll be renovating my apartment very soon which is why I've started collecting some inspirations and creating mood boards to get the general 'feel' of how I want it to look :) 

In the next few weeks my posts will mainly include inspirations, collages of pictures and a lot of questions
I hope you will help me to answer them, by sharing your experience.
 Most of my inspirations come from Pinterest (the bestest :P mood board ever!) 
I have to admit that it really helps me to get the right images and illustrate my style. 
You can check out my pinterest boards here.

Bathroom color
Time to choose a bathroom color! 

 I love spending time by the sea. I love the fresh breeze and coastal inspired colors which is why I decided that the two main colors in the bathroom will be light turquoise and white.

In fact I love that color but I am looking for slightly lighter shade. 
Could you recommend any particular paints/tiles?

beautiful turquoise ceramics
beautiful turquoise wall
Now, I need to decide whether that beautiful shade of turquoise will be represented by the ceramics or wall color. What would you suggest?

                                              Choice 1 - White ceramics & aqua walls

                                              Choice 2 - Aqua ceramics & white walls

I think I would prefer the 'first choice' but I have still a little bit of time to think about it. There is so many decisions to make! In the next few weeks I'll be continuing the "renovation project" with many more mood boards, accesories boards and decor boards to come!
I can't wait to choose the accessories.... look at those beautiful towels!

I will be very happy to hear your tips!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love these pretty... I would choose first option - white ceramics and blue walls :-) Kisses from Italy :-)


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