Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Selina Lake's Vintage & Handmade Summer Fete

summer fete

 This weekend I had a pleasure to be at the Selina Lake's Vintage & Handmade Summer fete. Few weeks back, I've booked my flights to London to visit my friends and I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to go to Kingston upon Thames on Saturday, for one of the most beautiful events I've ever seen! 

The place was everything you would imagine it to be - pretty styling accompanied by gorgeous, colorful buntings and a lot of wonderful, original handmade goods. I've met a lot of lovely people, including the host - Selina Lake :) The place was filled with so many pretty things, that if I didn't have to get on the plane couple of hours later, I would probably take them ALL with me :P

I got a signed copy of the Homespun Style book from Selina, which became my second favorite after Pretty Pastel Style.

 It was absolutely awesome to be there! Selina thank you so much for organizing such an amazing event for us and I'm truly looking forward to the next one! I've taken some pictures with my phone, as believe it or not, on the way to Kingston my 'big' camera stopped working (technology!) Anyway, I'm sure you can still get the feeling how beautiful the event was :)

pretty vintage pillows

pretty vintage jars

  It was lovely to meet you all!
In the next couple of days I'll post about a few little, pretty things I got from the fete! 

Have a great day! x

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