Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shop love # 9 - Pip Studio

pastel summer collection

'Happy products for happy people' is the motto of the Pip studio designs
The Studio offers a wonderful range of home accessories created by product designer Catherina 'PiP' in the Netherlands. Pip style has joyful, warm and intimate feel, combining different concepts to create unique products. 
 The most recent designs include a bed and bath summer 2013 collection of duvet covers, quilts, cushions, and bath and beach towels which will bring a bit of happiness into your home!

dreamy bedroom duvets
 I fell in love in this bedroom with white walls and floral, patterned duvets.

floral patternIt looks so soft and dreamy that I can't wait to get my own! 
bath summer collection

Check out the other pretty products!
 Which one do you like the most?

blue duvet, summer 2013 collection

bath towel collection

bath collection

pretty pink duvet, summer collection

duvet collection

bathroom accessories

Source: Pip studio

Hope you enjoyed this happy moment!

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