Friday, November 29, 2013

DIY Advent calendar

neon cool trendy

Hi guys.
 I know everyone is super crazy about making advent calendars right now, and I have to admit, with so many pretty projects around, I started wanting one too. Try to be original here !
I remember having advent calendars when I was growing up, all through my childhood and teenage years, the kind where you would open a little door and there would be a cute little picture and a chocolate waiting just for you. 
I just adore the idea of 24 pretty boxes, bags or whatever it might be filled with a little surprise for each day, awaiting Christmas. They are really charming and also serve as a gorgeous december decoration. Just have a look at this pretty project.
I mean how can you resist these colors? I can't!
I found it on German website living at home and love, love, love every detail of it.

handmade idea pretty

The idea of using snack boxes, different wrapping papers, masking tapes and colored papers is fantastic because it allows the creativity to bloom.  

boxes calendar masking tape

There are endless possibilities and options to style it pretty. You can play with it, glue it, cut it, wrap it, personalize it and make it just the way you like it.

masking tape wrapping paper pretty colors

Just don't forget to fill the boxes up with all the joyful things!

snack boxes washi tapes

So have you already got your calendar? Are you going to make one?
 Any particular style you're thinking of?  

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Hi Aga, what a beautiful and happy advent calendar! I really love that neon label tape :) We are very late with our advent counting here, December came on too fast! Thanks for your visit too x

  2. your blog is wonderful

  3. Hallo,

    ich habe auch einen sehr schönen Adventskalender gebastelt, vielleicht magst du ihn dir ansehen?
    Dein Blog ist einfach schön...

    1. Danke schön Karl! Deine Kalendar ist auch sehr hübsch :-)) Danke für deine Besuch :)


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