Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas ideas III - Tree branch

scandinavian style branch with pastel ornaments
Hello! How are you today? 
Are you ready for Christmas? 
If not don't worry, you are not alone. I've got still some gift hunting to do but so far what I enjoy the most is making the decorations and sharing them with you. So let's continue!
If you haven't noticed, one of the hottest decoration trends this season are what I call alternative Christmas trees, which are branches placed in the big glass jars or vases, decorated with ornaments. They look very minimalistic yet stylish and they can be adjusted to your taste easily, depending on what you hang on them.

scandinavian style branch with pastel ornaments for Christmas

Have you got some extra branches in your garden? Bring them home! I love Scandinavian design which is why I decorated my branch with crochet stars - bought in IKEA, pine cone-shaped ornaments and handmade pastel balls. Yep, I made them myself, by simply painting foam balls with different shades of purple and white acrylic paint. Less is more right? :)

crochet hearts from IKEA and painted foam balls

Have you made any Christmas tree ornaments yourself? What are your favorite treasures to hang?

And that's my little, real treasure...chilling
 Stay tuned for more ideas to come in the next few days!

branch Christmas tree in a vase

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  1. Muszę zdobyć jakąś gałązkę...czeka mnie chyba wyprawa do lasu:)

    1. Ja moją znalazłam podczas spaceru z naszą psiną :) I te spojrzenia sąsiadów, jak zachwycona targałam ją ze sobą do domu :D Bezcenne!

  2. Aga - wyłącz tę weryfikację obrazkową komentarzy...plizzzz:)

  3. Hello :-) Love all your Christmas ideas and the soft color palette. Did you get these crochet stars this year?
    PS. Your dog is really cute :-)

    1. Hi Clarissa, yep I bought them this year.
      Thanks, she is really adorable :)))

  4. ale laska ONA !!!!!!:)) śliczna !!!! mój taki bardziej skandynawski czarno -biały w sensie ...a ona futerkowa ..... nawet kurcze psiaki mamy trendy :))))))))) widziałam te gwiazdki w Ikea ....ale dopiero u Ciebie pełny ich urok się wydobył !!!!!! pięknie ,delikatnie ...super !!!!!


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