Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shop love # 15 - Ferm Living SS14

pastel graphic black and white trends
Hello! How are you this morning? I'm excited as I just saw the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 collection from the gorgeous, Danish Ferm Living. Oh yes! I love this time of the year because of all the new, pretty products being released! I can spend hours appreciating them and making my never ending wishlists. So let's have a look, what will be trending soon?
geometric table
Three key trends I spot here are powdery pastels (peachy-pink, mint and light blue) geometry and black&white accents. Oh gosh, I love this Scandinavian look combining retro charm with modern graphic details. Can retro and modern style go together? What do you think? Of course they can! It's all about mixing different elements and creating unique style. And I'm sure you would agree that THIS style is very hard to resist! I already have my personal favorites, do you?
illustrations by Ingela P Arrheniu
A Sweden-based illustrator Ingela P Arrhenius, who has been collaborating with Ferm Living since last year, has designed those pretty illustrations for cutting boards, napkins and teatowels. They are so 50s! 

aqua blue
graficzne, geometryczne wzory

geometric and graphic design
powdery pastel with black and white accents

Ok so which products would you chose? What do you like the most about this new collection? Has any item stolen your heart?



  1. Thanks for sharing.I liked the works of Ingela.

  2. Aga ja też mam TAKĄ SAMIUTEŃKĄ LISTĘ ŻYCZEŃ w sensie, że niekończąca jest :)))))))no i już mogę sobie dopisać obrusik i poduszkę zygzakową :))))) najgorsze, że szybciej na nią dopisuję niż z niej skreślam :))))))buziaki

    1. NO WŁAŚNIE! i co tu począć, jak tyle tego wokół??? ;D Buziaki

  3. Can I say I love it all, because I do, I really do!

    1. I really DO understand :D Thanks for visiting Alison!
      hugs x


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