Sunday, July 13, 2014

Flea market and inspiration garden

pchli targ poznań

Happy Sunday everyone! How is your weekend going? Are you doing anything special? The weather is absolutely perfect for being active so I was out and about with my friends since the early morning (yes, I know it's Sunday but sometimes it's worth to wake up early, right?) We just got back from a little treasure hunt at my favorite flea market in Poznań and a quick visit to the 'green station' where we have planted some botanicals in the ever growing 'inspiration garden'. It's a really great idea to remind us about the importance of green life and it's actually quite fun to pick some colorful flowers or a little tree and dig it, into the ground with your own hands. As for the flea market, I wasn't looking for anything specific but, as usual, I didn't return empty handed. I'll show you my finds this coming week! 

Poznań giełda rzeczy używanych

eco garden

planting plants and trees

Have a great afternoon and evening!

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  1. An inspiration garden? That sounds really creative, what a fab idea of the founders! What did you plant, Aga? xx

    1. I discovered it by accident and love this idea as well. I planted one of those pink plants...maybe next time I'll plant a tree! :)


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