Thursday, February 28, 2013

Better late than never!

Ok, so here it comes - first post on my first blog (ever!) :) 

The ugly truth on my 'beautiful blog' is that I have absolutely no idea how this whole blog thing works so it's going to take me some time, to 'move' smoothly around here. 

Why am I here ?  
I didn't exactly figure it out yet, however once I do I will have one extra post to publish so let's leave it for later ;)

What (my!) blog is going to be about?
About all the beautiful things that I come across, wandering around the world.
All the things that inspire me, increase my imagination and creativity, that simply seem beautiful to me.
And maybe (maybe, maybe...) one day those things will seem the same way to you too.

So I have a beautiful blog, beautiful plan and a tough mission! ;)

Less talking, more doing!

Let the fun begin :)

Paris, Paris

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