Thursday, February 28, 2013


About me:

Hello and welcome to Passion shake. I'm very happy you are here!

I'm Aga (full name Agata) and amongst other things I'm a 27-year old polish girl, a psychologist, a zodiac Leo, a girlfriend of an Italian Prince, a dog lover, an interior design addict and a crafter.
I grew up in a beautiful city - Poznań, graduated from University in London, have lived and worked in a few places around the world to understand that my real passion is making and decorating. And the aim of this blog is to share my inspirations with you.

At the moment, I live in Poznań together with my boyfriend and our dog Tosia, where I'm an interior decorating advisor, learning photographer and stylist. My approach is fresh and selective, with an aim to create new and unique style, to fit individual taste. I like to blend different elements, all within reasonable budget. I also love to make and create little things that inspire others. And I hope they will inspire you as well!

About the blog:

Passion shake is a design blog created in February 2013. The main topics include home decor, interior design, crafts, handmade projects and tutorials, styling and photography. All opinions expressed in my blog posts are entirely my own.
All projects and photographs on this blog are my original creations unless otherwise stated.

I reserve all rights to my images. If you would like to share or feature my work, please let me know about it and include a clearly displayed crediting link back to my blog. Thank you.

All unoriginal works (photos and inspirations) in this blog are cited with a link back to the original source or to the link that inspired the adaptation.
It is very important to me that the original works are properly credited so If you notice something that is not properly credited, please send me an email to agatinca(@)gmail(.)com so I can correct it.


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