Thursday, February 28, 2013

Butterflies wall

No matter what, I love butterflies! (the real ones and those made from... aluminium or paper :)

Butterflies are inspiring as much as Paul Villinski beautiful, butterflies wall designs. He believes that “one generation’s trash will be another’s treasure.”
His butterflies are reworked beer cans, rescued from the streets of New York and arranged in different compositions on the wall.

One would call it alternative, I call it beautiful ;)

gossip girl
Paul Vilinski butterflies design on Gossip Girl 

As much as I would love to transform cans into butterflies (!) I belive it's quite difficult which is why I came up with an alternative idea to create similar design on my wall:

DIY Paul Vilinski / Gossip Girl butterfly wall:

You will need:
- 100 paper (black) butterflies of different shapes and sizes (available on ebay or Allegro - about 10 euros / 30 zł )
- double - sided tape
- a lot of patience! :)

Place the double-sided tape at 'the back' of your paper butterflies and stick them to the wall, creating your own unique composition!

My DIY Butterfly wall project :)

gossip girl
My design

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