Tuesday, April 30, 2013

*Rainbow tin can* - remake for pencil storage

April is a month of sunshine, rain and rainbows.
It's also a month of experimenting and in that particular case I thought of a new idea to remake tin cans into a pencil storage. For this little project I used nothing else but colorful straws. 
I love how this can has such a lovely, rainbow look.

Apart from crafting I love taking photos and as an amateur photographer, I try to find inspiration in everyday life. The straws-rainbow pencil can turned out to be a great subject!

In fact taking those snaps, was more fun then decorating the can itself :)

Pure, colorful fun!

I particulary like this picture. It's so... into the future :)

And here comes the DIY rainbow can *step by step* tutorial

You will need:

Step by step

Step 1 Cut the straw to the length of the can.
Step 2 Use it as a measure to cut all the other straws. (about 50 straws)
Step 3 Apply an even and generous amount of mod podge on the can. 
              Wait couple of minutes for the mod podge to become 'sticky'.
Step 4 Place your first straw on the can and press it to the can.

Step 4 Apply a bit of mod podge on the side of  the first straw.
              Place second straw next to it, gluing it to the can and to the first straw.
              Reapet with all the other straws.
Step 5 You might want to place some heave object inside your tin can to keep it in one place 
              (I used a hammer ;)
Step 6 When all your straws are in place, put something around them i.e hair bands to keep
              them attached to the can.              

Last step Wait at least 1 hour for the mod podge to dry!


Did you know?
British merchant Peter Durand, in 1810 received first patent for the idea of preserving food, using tin cans.
The first tins were so thick that they had to be open with a hammer (No, I didn't use that hammer to open mine! ;)) As cans became thiner, it was possible to invent and start using can openers, what made our lives much easier.

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And remember... without rain there would be no rainbows.



  1. Really beautiful, and seems easy, i'll try!! Ty for sharing :))

    1. My tins!!!


    2. Wow!!! They are so pretty and colorful! Great job Laura!

      I'm truly honoured to be an inspiration for your pretty designs :)


  2. Replies
    1. Cześć Magda! Thanks for visiting! :*


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