Friday, April 26, 2013

A few pretty useful things for home ♥

I was happy to find those pretty and useful home decorations from Riviera Maison & Francuska Weranda. 
They are to fall in love with
Just look at them! Aren't they lovely?

 I'm sure you can see why I needed to share them!

White decor never goes out of style!

Glass cloche to give your special decoration the attention it deserves.
I love the idea of vintage papers inside!

Country style serving trays from rustic white rattan are always good to have.


Wreath made from twelve connected vases - perfect for individual flowers

                   Serving tray and lovely pink candle holders as a part of interior decor

Picnic basket perfect for stylish outdoor dining

Tea? anyone? ;)

Little etagere - cupcake holder

 This organiser means - never look for a pen again!

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