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Project renovation - Mint kitchen ideas

mint and pastel kitchen ideas

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Hello everyone! Hope you are well :) 
As I mentioned in the previous 'project renovation post' - the time has come to make some changes in the apartment. I collected those kitchen pictures to put together the main ideas I'm having right now (I'm saying right now, because it can still change! know how it is... ;)  

white and green kitchen

I have always liked rather traditional kitchens so the plan is to get white, simple cabinets warmed up with wooden counter-tops. I'm most likely going to go with ikea cabinets. Here is my little secret - I'm a fan of Ikea deeply inside :P And the thing is - not only because Ikea is affordable, I DO actually like their designs! Who is with me? Anyone? :P
 So I'm considering STAT or FAKTUM series... they are both simple and nice.


wooden worktops

The color of the walls will be light mint... what paint? what shade? Good question! But I still don't have the answer... So far I got tones of color schemes, catalogs and I'm trying to choose the 'perfect shade' from all those pretty options.
blue and greenMint

I've never thought choosing a tap can be meaningful until i saw this one! 
Yep I truly like it :)

Tiles or no tiles? I still need to choose the color between the cabinets.
 I'm considering white or mint. In fact I like both options and both will suit the main design. 
white or mint
What do you think about the combination of white&mint colors with wooden floor or wood like tiles? I have to say I love it!


And that point brings me to the kitchen decorations! Which I think will be the most fun part. Can't wait to place all the little pastel accessories there!

mint detailspink coffe machine

The pink coffee machine by Ascaso, I have seen for the first time on one of my favorite blogs - Sukkertoy for oyet, in Ida's pretty kitchen. Since then I can't wait to get my own! :D 
It is so pretty!

Still a lot of things to consider and a lot of decisions to make but I'm getting there!
Check out more kitchen ideas on my Pinterest board. 

LITTLE UPDATE: here you can see my kitchen AFTER renovation.

Thanks for reading! 
Lots of love x


  1. Renovations are a long and tiring job. But these inspirations definitely lighten the heavy load of having to choose from different styles and of the construction process itself. You have interesting choice of colors, and I think it's appropriate to pick a warm, or light color, to brighten up the space. Anyway how's your kitchen? Did you go for mint or white? -->Ryann Hoyer @

    1. Creating the inspiration board - is definitely the fun part...when you picture your dream interiors and don't think about anything else but the style. Good times! ;) The tough part, which is construction process is still ahead of me with constant surprises on the way. I decided to go for white tiles but as for the furniture, something has changed - I will be having all the furnitures designed. Ikea apparently is not standard enough for my kitchen size! ;) Thanks for commenting Ryann!

  2. Mint is certainly a good color to use in the kitchen. If you're tired of the usual white theme, you should go for a mint shade. It's truly refreshing to the eye and it will allow you to create a minimalistic setting. If you want to keep the area simple, a light tone such as mint is very relevant.

    Herb Koguchi @ Kroll Construction


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