Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer country style home decor

clock table and flowers

If you like sunny interiors, summer decorations and flowers inside your home, you will be inspired by the pretty, country style house of Stine Ringen Rongstad.
The place if full of delicate, pastel details and original finds transformed into beautiful furnitures.
home accessories

Vintage wall clock transformed into a coffee table top - what a great idea! I love re-purposing things and I guess it's time for a trip to the flea market! ;)

wall clock

I also love the idea of window between the rooms - it looks great and lets more light in to the rooms.


Cupcake stand made from old plates, candle holders and a bit of glue looks super cute with the yummy raspberry cupcakes.

made from plates

Isn't this house amazing? 

Check out Stine's blog - Stines Hjem!
Pictures via Boligpluss

Happy summer days!

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  1. Oh, I wanna go live there! Thanks for the inspiration :D

    1. Me too :) This house is amazing! Thanks for visiting! x


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