Sunday, August 18, 2013

White summer house in Ponza, Italy

Hello everyone! Hope you are well!
First of all big apologies for the little break I've had from blogging but life has been a little crazy for us recently.
As I mentioned before, I will be now posting from beautiful Italy :)
 We moved here for a little while, which is one of the reasons, I wasn't able to keep you updated as frequently as before. Another reason is renovation going on back at home and....some more exciting news to be revealed soon! 
For now - we are living 'la bella vita' here, in Italy, what means a lot of beautiful Italian interiors and inspirations to come! 
Are you ready? :)

white house in ponza

This dreamy summer house, with cave-looking white interiors is located in Ponza, Italy. 

 dreamy house in ponza

Ponza is is the largest of the Pontine islands, located in the Tyrrhenian sea.

summer house in ponza
The house is filled with fresh and light atmosphere, which is makes it a perfect place to be during hot days. 

ponza italy

Would you like it to be your summer house?

Adriano Bacchella-photography 


  1. What a cozy house! Building the house with a cave-look is a very unique idea. I wonder how the kitchen looks like. You'll instantly have a white kitchen when you stay here. Hehe! Great shots, Aga. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Ryann, thanks so much for visiting. I'm happy to hear that you like it :) I love the idea of the house with cave-look, white are right it looks very cozy. As for the kitchen, I'm pretty sure it is also white which is a HUGE bonus haha I only wish it was my summer house Sighhh!


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