Saturday, September 28, 2013

September photography

september, cherry, wood, autumn

Hello my dear friends! 
Today I would like to share with you few pictures that I took. Even though its still a little bit green around, the fact is, autumn starts knocking on our door. Slowly the days become shorter and the breeze is cooler and in just few seconds the leaves will change their color to golden and brown... I'm spending the last, green days of this year in the country, while the renovation continues at home.
What are your plans? :)

flowers, autumn cherry, window

tomatoes and wheat

Kora, wiśnia, drzwi

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  1. Those are beautiful! Love, love, love your photos!

  2. Fall is such a gorgeous time in the year and you have captured it beautifully here!

    1. True, there is no such vivid and beautiful colors in any other season.
      Thanks so much for visiting! :)

  3. Very beautiful photos, I enjoyed each and every one of them. <3

  4. Lovely fall shots! The colors are captivating!

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Beth, thanks so much for visiting and your comment :)

  6. Oh wow - gorgeous pictures, what a way to capture this marvellous season! Lovely shot of the logs and tomatoes!

  7. Fabulous! You captured September in all it's glory

  8. P.S. I added one of your photos here to the Simple Things Pinterest board: thanks for linking up!

  9. What a beautiful way to capture the season! Kocham jesień, takie kolorowe pory roku!


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