Friday, October 4, 2013

Project renovation - Bedroom moodboard

Thank God it's friday - BUT not for me! It's been almost four weeks since the renovation has properly started and if you had experienced it before, you know that it means no free time AT ALL. Four looong weeks with days and nights full of sweat on the forehead and a sore back. I hate it but I LOVE it! :D
 So what's up?
 The tiles are up on the walls and it's time to choose the wall colors. Yesterday I've been working on a bedroom mood board to finally define the color scheme. 
  Creating mood boards always helps to put together all the ideas and visualize the final look of what you've planned. If your thinking of some changes at home - try making one!

Rules are very simple: 

Put together everything (yes, everything!) that you like and dream about having in your project, from fabrics, wallpapers, to colors and stylish furniture. At the end you will  to have a visual glimpse of your preferred style.

So what do you think about my bedroom ideas? 
More details soon. Have a great weekend! 


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  1. Love your ideas. And I love moodboards. Yours is gorgious, bright colors, great style.
    Cheers, Stephanie

  2. House projects usually come from visualizing how you want your home to look like. It's great that you shared how you do it with yours, which is through using a mood board. You see, DIY home renovations can take longer than what was anticipated. Without a visual of how you want things to be, you'll end up with trial and errors, resulting in a waste of resources.
    Homer @ Pinnacle Group


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