Thursday, October 17, 2013

Handmade lace ceramics

white photography, Paulina Arcklin

Hello everyone and hope you are well!
Today I would like to share with you my latest find which is an amazing collection of handmade ceramics ... can you resist it?

Petra Lunds Lera

Those beauties are created by a very talented Finnish artist Petra from Petra Lunds Lera. She works the clay into cups, bowls and plates using vintage objects as a form and then presses the hand-made lace tablecloth of her grandmother, to create a pattern. The final result is stunning, don't you think?

Petra Lera

All those gorgeous photos of Petra's work, are styled and shot by an incredible, Finish photographer - Paulina Arcklin. After a very intense carreer as a freelance Interior & Decorating Writer for many International magazines, Paulina decided to focus on photo styling, photography, and workshops for brands, producers and bloggers. 

The caramics are available for purchase in Weranna's Warehouse webshop. 
Make sure to take a moment to go thorugh Weranna's blog and shop, as there is lots of lovely, decorative accessories and inspirations.

handmade Petras Lera

DIY - Handmade Lace Ceramics

 If you would like to have a little bit of fun and 'do it yourself' - I have a tip for you. Try using craft porcelain because it doesn't require baking and it is quite easy to use. 
After rolling out the porcelain, press a piece of lace on top to create your design. Then place the clay in a round container letting it dry in the shape of the bowl. Wait about 24 h and enjoy your handmade ceramics !


white photography

handmade lace photography

Paulina Arcklin

Have a great day! :)

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  1. I think these are gorgeous! I usually make my own Christmas ornaments each year like this, using any kind of impression into the clay....I think I might give this a try! Beautiful!


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