Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shop love # 15 - White Tutze store

concept store - interior decorating

Hello my sweet friends! Before I ask you how you feel - have a look at this beautiful white space! Amazing, right? Would you guess it's a store? I probably wouldn't because as soon as I saw it I thought I could totally live there. But wouldn't it be weird to live in a store? :) <oh no, not in this one!> 
Ilse Van de Meerakker, a Dutch interior Designer and the owner of Tutze store, after living in France for 12 years, returned to her hometown - Harderwijk, to open this lovely place. Styled and photographed by Paulina Arcklin (I also posted about her work here) the shop sells all things pretty for home, including unique decorations and artwork.  

concept store in Netherlands

scandinavian interior design


white chair

OK so how are you today and what do you think about this shop? 
I hope these pictures brighten your day a bit :)

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Have a great day!

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    Picture source: Ilse Van de Meerakker


  1. Woooow so bello! I'm moving in with you! I love Dutch store design xo

  2. Zaskakujący, ale w pozytywnym tego słowa znaczeniu:) chcemy więcej takich pieknych sklepów, także w Polsce:)

  3. Oh my goodness, it looks so amazing!!!!

  4. no tak wprowadziłyście się już ,a mnie to się nie mówi o takich cudach !!!!!!nie bawię się tak :)))))))))) moje klimaty baaaaaaaardzo :)


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