Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shop love # 17 - Fest Amsterdam

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It's not a secret that I'm slightly addicted to shopping. I always enjoy buying clothes, shoes, bags but when it comes to home decorations I have to be dragged out of the shop by my boyfriend. Yes it's that bad. I just can't stop myself when I see all these pretty things, waiting for me to take them home! Does it ever happen to you?
So recently I came across a new shop - Fest Amsterdam, which very quickly earned my love with all the pretty accessories. The shop's first line appeared in 2012 featuring natural materials such as bamboo, wood, jute and beautiful colored glass. I can easily imagine myself getting lost there for hours and admire all the vases, pillows, candlesticks and stools. Also with teal blue being the color trend for 2014, their product photography and styling looks very appealing to me. Don't you just love this rough wall as a background?

teal blue rough walls

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What are your favorite home decoration shops? Have you recently discovered any new ones?

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Source: Fest Amsterdam


  1. O wiele mam takich sklepików. Bardzo lubię sklepy dziewczyn z blogosfery. A ostatnio wpadł mi w oko ten: mogłabym stamtąd przygarnąć:)

  2. Fajny! Fantastyczny sklep! I sciana jest bardzo ciekawa.

  3. Love the pinky-yellow candlesticks! x

  4. mam tę samą chorobę słowo daję :)))))))) buziole

  5. i love They are in Denmark and Germany, and also have a lookbook rather than a catalogue. The stuff looks to be similar to this store, I can see why you like it. I was in Copenhagen this week and they were / are having a 20% discount sale. Lucky for me that there was no space in my case


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