Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lullaby - design lamp

new design lamp 2014

Hello everyone! Are you looking for a new, stylish design lamp to add a bit of character to your home? Then look no more! Well at least I am not going to, as I found a little treasure, released in early February by Danish lighting company - Lightyears. Lullaby pendant is a geometric, yet very delicate lamp, designed to create the feeling of softness and grace. It is made up entirely of sustainable materials like stone paper and ash lamellae to create a designers accent in your living space. What do you think?

stylish lamp, soft light

trend - design lamps for 2014

                                                            What are your favorite lamp designs?

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Source: Lightyears via Nordic Design


  1. to jest temat rzeka Aga :))) bo i designerskie mi się podobają i takie handmade też :))) mam zamiar zrobić lampę z filtrów do kawy ...tylko szukam cały czas białych i nie ma ich ....a nie wiem czy beżowe zabarwią się kawą tak samo pięknie jak białe właśnie :) na pewno lampa zawsze musi być dobrze dobrana do wnętrza :)))buziole

  2. simple but incredible :) nice to try at home

  3. Lampa jest fajna! Moja ulibiona lampa jest 'anglepoise'.


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