Thursday, March 6, 2014

Home with heart

colorful interior design

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I have another gorgeous home tour for you. I would like to take you through a wonderfully artistic and colorful home a Danish Art director and illustrator Nynne Rosenvinge. I'm sure you are familiar with her stylish and vibrant designs, as they have become very popular recently. Nynne's unique taste is also reflected by her home's interior which is full of her beautiful artwork and personal touch. Hello another pretty space!

artistic personal touch


kitchen with pop of color

black eames chairs

geometric artwork

wall decor

geometric wallpaper

pastel art work

Tell me, what do you love about this home?
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Source: Femina


  1. bardzo mi się podoba zestawienie kolorów i wzorów ....ale z całego mieszkania dla siebie akurat wybrałabym kuchnię :))

  2. What I love about the home is the entire concept being it from the graphical point of view or b&w combined with color pops. It feels well thought and designed. You can have a pretty clear idea of the owner. Happy weekend, Aga!

  3. Wow! Wonderful pictures, wonderful home!

  4. What a fun, colorful, interesting home! Thanks for sharing!


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