Saturday, March 8, 2014

Let's celebrate Women's day!

pink and gold gift wrapping, pretty flowers

Happy International Women's day! Oh what an amazing day, right? I really, really think it's a great occasion to spoil ourselves in the best possible way. Today, is all about celebrating the beauty of the women. Whether it is your friend, your wife, your sister, your girlfriend or your daughter... every woman should feel appreciated. So how about flowers, chocolates, fancy drinks and little gifts to start with? Don't let this day pass without a proper celebration.  Girls always have more fun together so get your girlfriends, go crazy, treat yourself with your favorite sweets and simply enjoy this day to the fullest. Sounds like a good plan? Here is a little inspiration to get you started.  

pretty pink drink, flowers in the shoes

flowers in the hair

Ladies night inspiration

How do you celebrate Women's day in your country? Have you got any girly plans already? 

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  1. Świetne pomysły! W Anglii świętowamy women's World Day of Prayer, zawsze pierwszy piatek marca. Wczoraj, z moim studentkami, udaliśmy do koscioła do specjalny serwisu przez kobiety W Egipcie.

  2. Happy Women's day Aga and yes let's celebrate! In Italy, Women's day is also full of flowers, especially Mimosas.
    Beautiful inspiration, thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Aguś świętuj na wszystkie piękne sposoby :) buziole !!!!i tulipany mi pokaż !!!!!!!

  4. Cudny wiosenny, kobiecy klimat Aguś!


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