Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Favorite design picks

Frandsen, Okum, Lesha Galkin

Hello everyone! How are you? Are you following recent design trends? I have to say I'm not a design freak, admiring every new product being lunched however I do love quite a few design pieces out there, especially those that combine functionality and pretty look. Well, pretty look probably comes first, but the fact that the item is actually useful is a huge bonus, isn't it? It definitely works for me! Have a look at my recent favorite picks and if you are anything like me, I'm sure you will love at least one of them.

First of all - the multi-power cord! Who doesn't have them at home? I have at least 10, maybe even 15, very well hidden behind the cupboards or under the beds to be sure that nobody can see them. It seems like, this might change and I might even love having them on display! The new OON power outlet designed by Okum combines pretty design and functionality, beautifully organizing plugs and blocky adapters. Can't wait for the European version to be released! US version is available here.

Stationary organizers will never go out of trend as they simply make our desk life easier. The 'Shkatulka' storage kit designed by Lesha Galkin, not only keeps everything in the right place but it also offers a variety of different modules that can be changed according to your functional needs. Have a loot at my favorite two examples, more you can find here.

modern desk organizer

And the last item might not be the latest trend but I have to say Danish Frandsen lamps are still on top of my favorite lighting list (especially the copper ball!). It's time to finally get one! You can find them here with a nice discount.

Danish lighting

Even if you are not a huge design follower I'm sure you have your favorite design finds. I wonder what they are and what do you think of those above?  

Have a great day!

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  1. All of them are great but my favorite is the multi-power cord!

    1. I need it in my home! :) It is so cute it's hard to believe it's a power cord! Hugs x

  2. hej kochana ..będziesz miała świetną lampę !!!!! Aguś a ty znasz Happy Interior Blog ??? macie zbliżony gust moim zdaniem :)))buziole :)

    1. Jutro nadchodzi kolejna designerska kampania z lampami więc jeszcze się wstrzymuję z zamównieniem :D Znam i bardzo lubię więc coś w tym musi być :)) U Igora też bywa bardzo kolorowo :D Buziaki Aguś :*

  3. I definitely love the power cord too!

    1. I think it will be very popular soon! :)) Thanks for visiting x

  4. The desk organizer is beautiful and functional at the same time and makes you work just so much easier in a visual way too. I am glad those designs are available now on the market, such a nice gifting idea too.
    Have a nice weekend! xx


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