Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We've moved back in!

wardrobe rack

We have finally moved back in to our newly renovated apartment! OMG, right? Doesn't it feel like it's been forever? 
The works are officially over so the time has come to get our life out of the dusty boxes. Yeey! But there is so much to be dooone!
 A lot of cleaning, unpacking and trying to organize things that can't be organized because we are missing quite a few furnitures. 
Let's not complain, after all It's not that bad.
Roughly speaking we need... a table or two... all the wordrobes and a bed. See my temporary wardrobe? :) I actually like it!

dreamy girly clothes

The apartment is not ready to show you yet, but once we organize everything, I'll do a little tour so I hope you keep updated. 

Have a great day :)


  1. Such pretty pastel colors....
    Happy for you guys and looking forward to see more renovation photos.
    Baci x

  2. Hello Agi,
    I came over from BYW and am so glad to have found your blog, it is lovely
    I'll have to come back, Meanwhile, see you in class,
    Amalia X

  3. Cześć, znalazłam Twojego bloga dzięki kursowi BYW, w którym też uczestniczę:) Z przyjemnością będe Cię odwiedzać!

  4. Cześć, Agi, i dziękujé bardzo za miły komentarz! Twój blog jest fajny! Teraz, będę czytać i obserwować.
    Geraldine (

  5. I cannot wait either to see your renovated apartment! Meanwhile, I enjoyed looking at these beautiful pastel coloured clothes! :-) Makes me curious to see more of the renovation... :-)
    Hugs from a fellow BYW-student! Inge x

    1. Hi Inge, thanks a lot for stopping by :) I wish the apartment was organized by now but there is just so much going on these days that 24 hours are simply NOT ENOUGH! See you in class!
      Hugs x

  6. I like your wardrobe too. How exciting to move back into your renovated apartment!


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